Autumn in Jackson, Michigan

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As I experience each new autumn day in Jackson, I’m amazed at how much the sunlight and colors of fall entrance me and engage my attention.  This preternatural connection to nature brings added benefits to my holistic health.  I walk outside much more.  I breathe deeper breaths, smelling the scents of autumn as I breathe in and pushing out stress as I breathe out.  I engage in conversation with local residents.  Every new face is a lovable strangers to me, the true stranger, the outsider, the foreigner.

Time and time again, day after day after day, someone in Jackson blows me away with their kindness.  So often, I sense genuine interest in meeting me — that new person from somewhere else.  On October 7, 2013 I experienced a Jackson moment, for me the new signature Jackson moment.

I attempted to order two coney dogs and a large root beer float from the Cascades Ice Cream Company.  I don’t carry cash these days and I realized with a small, seasonal operation, I might be in for an “unable to pay” surprise.  I asked “do you accept debit or credit cards?”  The response from the pleasant 20-something server was a bright “we don’t, but we’re getting the machine for next year”.  She added, “but you can pay tomorrow or later this weekend.”  With shock I offered this incredulous reply “Well, here’s my card so you know who I am.  By the way, I encourage you to come out at walk the trails at Dahlem.  It’s so beautiful this time of year.”  She replied with a smile, “I went there last year with my son’s class on a field trip!”

Here’s the IOU reminder, which I will bring with me to pay my $8.25 debt today:



And here are samples of the beautiful things you’ll find on walks on Dahlem’s trails this season…







For those of you who enjoy walking outside in downtown Jackson, here are several images for you from October, 2013







Autumn Blessings!

Come walk the trails at Dahlem with me this season,



9 thoughts on “Autumn in Jackson, Michigan

  1. Great reminder of both the beauty of the season and the beauty of generosity. I love moments that remind us of beauty and grace in a surprising kind of way. A “God wink,” for sure – one of those moments in time you can detect His care in an unexpected way… His eye is truly on the sparrow…

  2. Another check for the word of the day! I can definitely relate to your positive experience in Jackson. I’ve seen similar hospitality in my short time here as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing this experience and these beautiful pictures of downtown and Dahlem. I am a walker but usually walk downtown while in Jackson. being a visitor to Jackson, I am not aware of any other place, until now!

    Eponymous! You crack me up!

    1. Thanks all around… for the beautiful autumn weather, for the surprised gratitude of the three teenage Cascade Ice Cream Co workers who struggled understanding why a customer would come back two days later to give them $8.25 in cash he owed, for the special Cascades peanut butter fudge single scoop cone I ordered simply to try their legendary ice cream, …
      Wow! Incredible.

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